Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today was a fun day with the kids. There was points that did not want to work with me but the rest of the time was really good. I started my working today with Sam. We started with his first lesson on learning multiplication and that went surprisingly well. (Anyone that knows him knows he really does not like math). When that was finished we moved on to science. For this school week science is going to about water. Today we started by making Archimedes pump. Sam had a really good time making this. I included some pictures of that. The first one is a picture of the only supplies that you need to make it.

This is one really proud kid with his pump. He took the tube and wrapped it around the rod, then tapped it into place.
Here he is making sure that it works. He took the one end and put it into the bowl of water and started turning it. He really got it to work. He did get a little bit tired of doing it though. We stopped on transfering it all to the other bowl. Then we got into his favorite part of the day. We played his favorite card game Scrambled States 2.
Then we moved on to my lessons with Gabe. First we played a game of memory. When he finished that we moved on to sandpaper letters. He was not really interested in any of that though. He wanted his flying Widgets. Mostly the Math Circus Movie is what he wanted. I got him to sit a little by giving him his own widgets to play with. I tried to have him put them in order from 1 to 10.
"Ok I did it. Can I have the video now mom."
So this has been our exciting day. Hope you all enjoyed.


Kate in NJ said...

Oh My, indeed!
Your days always look fun.
Way to go Sammy!
Good job Gabe, now go make your ;-)

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

LOL Kate that wsa too funny.
Heather-it looked like a great fun day. I love day when all goes smoothly and everyone learns. :)

Amber said...

I LOVE the Archimedes pump! Travis will be learning about water later this year. He will have a blast doing this! I don't know if this will work for you at all but I found a fun multipication game for the computer my son LOVED playing the link to it is
I downloaded the free version and he still loves playing it.
Gabe is so cute! I LOVE that last picture of him!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Gabe! Did he do that all by himself? I should teach my dd to do that. What a good idea. How old is Gabe? My dd will be 4 in February.

Heather said...

Kate- thanks they are usually lots of fun. At least I think so the kids may say differently. LOL. Oh and Gabe has stopped calling me the maid. I am now the "BOSS".
Yasmina- it was fun and is very nice that it goes so smooth.
Amber- Oh that is wonderful. Please take pictures I would love to see it. Sam had a great time he wished he could have built a bigger one. I also wanted to say thank you for that game he loves it.
Nina- Yeah he did put them all by his self. I could not convince him to do it by counting he actually did it by measuring them. So I was still happy. He is actually going to be 5 in February. When is your dd'd birthday.