Friday, August 24, 2007

Book List--

I have read alot of the blogs out there recently and they have had a book list of the top 100 books. I was going to try and put one together to but in all honesty I had no clue as to where I should start. I decided to start keeping a running list of all the story books that I am reading to my boys right now and post those. I thought then that maybe I should try to read as many different ones that I can with in the school year. (Sammy has to be evaluated each year so I thought that was a good breaking point) This does not mean that I will never read to them again, I just want to see how much I can do in a year. I had a few suggestions from the guys in my life. They ranged from 2000 down to 10. I actually choose 500. I thought that this was a good number. Because if I keep at it, that is roughly 10 a week (not to overwhelming). The books that I am including in the list are only going to be from the library so the boys will actually be getting alot more than that. I think that more than likely I will get to my goal and and a whole lot Higher. So here it goes--

1. King Puck by Micheal Garland
2. The Sand Children by Joyce Dunbar
3. Duck at the Door by Jackie Urbanovic
4. Dumpy and the Big Storm by Julie Andrews Edwards
5. The Fantastic Drawings of Danielle by Barbara McClintock
6. Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies
7. Where the Wild things are by Maurice Sendak
8. While Momma had a quick Little Chat by Amy Reichert
9. I know a Rhino by Charles Fuge
10. The Search For the Perfect Child by Jan Fearnley
11. A is for Zebra by Mark Shulman
12. Clarence the Copy Cat by Patricia Lakin
13. On Earth by G. Brian Karas
14. America's Promise by Alma Powell
15. Island Counting 1 2 3 Frane Lessac
16. Don't Mention Pirates by Sarah McConnell
17. All in Just One Cookie by Susan E. Goodman

Make sure to check back for each add on entries. We get to the library each week so there will be lots more to add on.


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Great List. I will use your list as a reference. Actually ALL your books that you have recommended.LOL Looks like you have gotten a great start in school this year.

Kate in NJ said...

Great books!
We loved "while Momma had a quick little chat.." very funny book

Amber said...

I your idea of writing down a book list. I often have to dig out and look at my library reciepts to see what books we have read for the year. Posting it on a blog seems like a much better way of keeping track!