Friday, August 03, 2007

And we continue on...
This was a day focused around Hawaii. We colored pictures of the state. Gabe even enjoyed some surfing on his towel. He was all about the stunts.

Hang Ten or Wipe out???

Sammy worked on a collage of endangered animals.

To top off their evening of Hawaii they had to play with the volcano. This volcano has held up really well. The boys and I made it last summer. We made it out of supplies that we had around the apartment. The boys love making it erupt.

I did do a few other things today. I posted recently about the salt dough letters. Today I used them in a different way then I had been. Actually I took some flash cards and gave Gabe the letters. Then seeing the flash card he had to find the letters to spell out the words. It worked really well. I thought it was a good way to begin reading because he would make all of the sounds of the letters as he was looking for them.

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Rheina said...

Hi there!

You have such bright kids, I have noticed that they love to color, that's why I want to tell you that I have also been hooked to coloring myself, but this is more easy and fun, the site is, and I hope they will love this. Have a great day!:)