Monday, January 14, 2008

Unplug your kids #10----
This weeks project was to do a sculpture. I ran out of time this weekend to get this done with the kids. This morning I threw together some playdough so that they could make the sculptures. They were very happy with this. I let Sam take the pictures when he was done and he came out with some very cute ones. The first one is of his sculpture. He calls it "Sam and the Hoover Dam". He was very proud of that name. LOL. He is such a cutie.

These next few of Gabe were so cute I could not decided which ones to put on. So I put them all on. I asked Gabe what he called his. He said "Mommy" , "thats because I love you." awwww to sweet he is.

Well when I left them to post this they were still playing with it and having a great time.
Well I have to go for a walk on the treadmill but please check out any of the other project posted at unplug your kids.


Anonymous said...

Those are such cute pictures! Gabe looks so happy, I can see how you couldn't choose just one.

What sweet boys (that "because I love you" comment would just melt me away) and I am so glad they had fun (and are probably still having fun) with their playdough.

As always, thanks for joining in. I look forward to seeing what they do next Monday with toothpicks. A model of the Hoover Dam perhaps? LOL! Enjoy your week!

Kate in NJ said...

I love how you "whip up some play dough",lol. You rock and as always, your boys are so adorable.

Claire said...

They look like they are having lots of fun. Isn't play doh just great?

Andrée said...

They were very happy, weren't they! I am thinking that if I had had experiences and basic instruction with any type of three-dimensional media, then I would have tried this week's project. But since I was late for the Puzzles Theme, I went with that one. Much easier for me!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

LOL I haven't posted on puzzles and didn;t check for this week. How did you stay so on track?

Mrs. Darling said...

I love this post. The kids look like they are having so much fun in that dough. I love how they brought their trucks into it. Cute cute pics!