Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have a little to share from yesterday and today. Yesterday was national popcorn day so the boys had some fun with that. For english class Sam read this book and answered a questions about it. He found it really interesting it was full of all kinds of historical facts about popcorn. Then of course they had some popcorn for snack time. They watched the video that we had about popcorn today, a between the lions video, because I forgot that we had it. They finished up popcorn day yesterday by daddy reading them this story. So I think that they had a good day of popcorn. They did have some other activities to. Gabe for english played on, he absolutly loved that. Then for math he played with some of the file folder games that I made for him. Sam has started studying space for science class and is in love with it. He watched a video from Bill Nye. He loves the whole series by him. When he finished the video he had some work sheets to do. For math Sam played the card game of war against his Dad so he could work on higher and lower.

Sam finished up with some landform cards. Gabe was all done with his work but he wanted share with his dad how good he was on the math. As you can see dad was impressed.
Today though I woke up with a headache so school was a little less. The kids took it easy on the written work today but we had a little field trip. We were out of milk so the kids and I walked over to the grocery store to get more. They had gym class by walking, science class, and nutrition class. How great is that with going for a walk you get three classes in one. The science was the kids learning about ducks. The pond that we walk by had a bunch of baby ducks. Then for nutrion the kids got to pick out the healthy snacks, They tried Soy milk for the first time and loved it. Ok enough about our days. I am sorry about the rambling, thanks for still reading tho.

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Kate in NJ said...

LOL, We love reading about your days..that's why we're here.;-)
I love the popcorn books you found.
I will look for them at our library
tomorrow. You sure get a lot done in one day!!