Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Weekend-----
Well we got the boys to the beach this weekend. We tried to get this science project done. We had a great time it was just to short there. Only there for about 30 minutes because we had other things to do. (also we have to pay for parking at our beach:( ) So I got a few wonderful shots in. First up is our view when we first walk oer the hill and see the ocean. Nice isn't it.
Sam was preping to get ready for the experiment. He had a nice strong magnet to put in the sand and some baggies for what he collected. He got a little bit so he was happy.
While he was doing that Gabe really wanted to play in the water. So daddy took him over there. He had so much fun he did not want to leave. Soaked from head to toe.
After Sam finished collecting the items he needed for science, he started to collect some shells. These were for math class, he was to measure them and graph his results when he was done.
Sam decided to join them by the water and I got this wonderful picture of my guys (I am a pretty lucky lady). As you see daddy was not letting go of Gabe. He was ready to head into that water and it was a little stronger than him. So he kept a nice hold.
While they were doing that I walked a little further down the beach to try and collect some more shells for the boys. Well along the beach there was actually a lot of trash, this one piece really caught my eye though. If you can see there is a bunch of shells that attached themselves to the bottle and are still alive. I thought that it was really neat.
Here is my little guy at the end of our stay. The wave had knocked him over and he got water in his eye. That did stop him though he turned around and headed right back to the water.
Well today we stayed home all day. It was the first time in a while that this happened, it was really nice. Daddy worked on an art project with Gabe.
Sam who I did offer to give the day off from school work did want it. He was begging me to give him some. He loves the science worksheets I have been giving him.. To funny.
Gabe wanted to share this with everyone. It was the tower that he built. He was so funny because after the first picture I took he made me take this one. In the first none of the labels were showing. LOL.
Have a good night and I will post more tomorrow. It is the unplug your kids project.

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Kate in NJ said...

I cannot wait to do this!
It is far too cold here to head down the shore (as we say here)we would need winter parkas for sure!
We have to pay to park at some of the beaches here too..great pictures!