Friday, January 25, 2008

Our school day today......
Well today was a decent day as far as school goes. Today was the anniversary of the first transcontinental phone call. So Sam read an article about that and answered some questions. While he worked on that I worked with Gabe on That is where the rough part of the day hit. We started working on his reading today. He was showing all signs of being ready to read. He can tell you all of the letter sounds and even would sit with a book and tell the story with it. So I asked him if he wanted to learn to read. He said yes, so we started. It was just that he did not want to do it with me. It was so frustrating. He was giving me a hard time on all of it, an example of it on one sentence tho. The sentence was "Zac had a nap." He sounded out every letter correctly than told me it said "Mac had a blanket" Oh I wanted to pull my hair out. Then to make matters worse he did it just fine with his dad at lunch time. Oh well on to other things. Sam has taken to studying Space for science. So I was getting things off from learningpages. They have a whole section on space. He liked them so much that he had me print off his math and english sheets there to. They were also space themed. It was his favorite part of the whole day. Well this morning they all worked on life skills. Today I had them strip the sheets off from their beds and wash and dry them. After they had to make their beds.

Well they real fun came after supper when supper was over. It was time for Gabe's science class. We made telphone out of the 2 cans and rope. The kids had so much fun with this and it was a nice experiment on how sound travels. I included some pictures of it.

"I can hear you"

"Maybe if I talk into both of them some one can hear me"
"Hello Sammy are you there?"
"Yes no need to yell"
After that was done Sam started working on his art work. We bought him one of the solar system sets. He started painting tonight. As for Gabe he was supposed to be doing math with daddy but was a little more interested in what his brother was doing.
He did give in tho and started working with him. They did some sorting. I had to share the picture tho because I just thought that it was so sweet.
Well that is it for now. I hope that everyone has a great night. I have to go and finalize the lessons for tomorrow. We are having a field trip to the beach.. The kids are going to catch some meteorites. Should be fun. I will try and post pictures tomorrow. check here for the lesson on it.


Mrs. Darling said...

I remember doing those telephones as kids. We always loved playing with those. I ahvent even showed my own kids how that works!

Kate in NJ said...

Very cool meteorite lesson!! P will love this when we get back to the beach..not this week..too cold!! lol
I hope I remember it! ;-)
Love the phone pics!