Monday, January 21, 2008

Ok a little bit of catch up here. We took some time to regroup because of things that were happening around here. So today was our first day back to school. It was a good day, a few portions not so good though. Oh well what are you to do. The first picture I have here is Sam's Unplug your kids project. The theme was to use toothpicks but I was a little uncertian about that. So we used Kapla blocks instead. We tried to get Gabe to do one but he just did not want to this week. Check out everyone elses posted here.
Edit--Sam did want me to share that he has done a toothpick project in the past. see here
Now for our school day. I will get the not so good parts out of the way first. It took both boys two hours to do the english( see told you it was not pretty). For Gabe we set up an alphabet store and he had to find something for each letter to go in it. The boy wanted to put legos for every letter. Sam had to read a story about Martin Luther King Jr and answer a question sheet about it. And all of that took each of them two hours. (ZZZZZ.... oh sorry awake now)
We did have some fun parts of the day though. This is a picture of Gabe doing his science he had a great time. We discovered that salt stays behind when water dries up. He painted the page with Salt water then we dried it with a blow drier. It was really neat because it left salt crystals behind on the paper. It kind of looked like the night sky.
Here is Sam working on his Art and music class. We art starting to study space so the boys made their own astronauts. As you see Sam is very proud of the work that he is doing. I was proud of the both of them because as you see both astronauts are girls. Yeah my boys do think girls can do anything, they are listening to me. LOL.
The top one is the one that Gabe did. I helped with his because he is not quite up to the area of cutting that he should be. Sam's though, shown below, was all done by him and he did a great job.
For Sams science class today he had o make a submarine. This is actually the anniversary of the first submarine launch. So in honor of that he made this. He still has some kinks to work out that he will do a little later.
So overall we have had a great day, but what tomorrow holds is anyones guess. I will be back with a book entry tomorrow. Have a great night.


Claire said...

Sounds like you have had a really busy day!

The saltwater experiment sounds fun. We have done it with water in a bowl which we left to dry out on a radiator for a few days - but never thought to do it this way which is good as it's such a quick result.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Wow! Lots of cool projects! I even checked out the toothpicks and gumdrops! Very nice!

Looks like you had a busy and productive day!

Andrée said...

I looked closely at the toothpick projects you made at an earlier date. it reminded me of making platonic solids in exactly the same way. but what i really focused on was the "table" of triangles that held up those books. an excellent demonstration of the strength of a triangle.

Mom Unplugged said...

You sure had a busy day. Thanks for fitting in the project!

I looked at the gumdrop structures. That looks like fun. I am impressed that your husband's could hold twenty pounds!

soo said...

What a busy day you had, you must have all been exhausted by the end. What a brilliant idea with the salt and paint, a long with Claire we did the salt in a bowl on the radiatoras she says, but your idea does sound really good and quick, as sometimes the children want to see the results instantly.

Kate in NJ said...

Wow! You got a lot done.
I love his project and the astronauts
are very cool too.