Thursday, January 03, 2008

Rocks, books, and penguins.....
Ever notice that while doing school work with our children some interesting items come up. Like today for us we used cornmeal. Sam practices his spelling in the cornmeal and has a great time with it.

Then on the other side of the room was the rocks. As I have mentioned in the past we try to do a Sensory activity with Gabe every day. Today he played in his rock bin. He was just so pleased to show them to.
Then we moved on to Gym class and became penguins jumping from iceberg to iceberg. They had such a great time with that one that I even had to join in. Now that was an interesting site.
We also try to do some lifeskills with the boys each day. Today Gabe got to do his favorite and he vaccumed the living room with the swiffer carpet flick. Sam though started learning to wash dishes and he loved it. Great kid he is.
I started something new with Sam for math today. He loves books so much i started doing bookstore math. We pretended that we were the bookstore and he had to buy books from us. He had a great time with it. I also included the picture below because this is what my oldest does in the morning and it is so cute. He snuggles in with his teddy bear (it is named Mr. President and made by his dad so very special) then reads until his dad and I get up. So sweet. Also I included the picture to say happy national book month. So go curl up with a good book.
Well this has been the portion of the day that we have gone through so far. They are doing science with their dad after supper. Needless to say we are all a little curious here. He told us the name of the project but nothing else... DYNAMITE DUMPLINGS. I will post pictures of that tomorrow.


Piseco said...

Thanks for posting these great pictures of your day!

I've just started using some daily sensory time for my 14 month old adopted daughter. I love the look of Gabe's rock box!

What kind of rocks are they? Where did you get them? -and- Holy cow, how much does that box weigh? :)

Heather said...

Thanks for looking.

We got the rocks from the Garden section at wal-mart that is all I know about them. We got them for a different project and so much left that we put them in a bin for him. As for how much it weighs, not really sure but it is alot, at least 30 pounds.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

Yes I too love the rock collection. What a good kid Sam is to wash dishes. The kids washed dishes today which I had to mop.

Kate in NJ said...

Happy Book Month!!

Gabe looks so proud of his rocks!
I love Mr President..great math idea.