Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to School time---
Now that the Holidays are over we are getting back in to the swing of school. Today was our first day back to it. I started the kids of with a nice easy day. Gabe had 4 subjects and Sam had 2. The kids both worked really well and had every thing done by lunch. Now that is an easy day.
This first one of Gabe is Sensory class. My mother was down for the holidays so we had some coffee in the house for her. There was some left so I decided to have him use it for class. I actually buried 10 pennies in it and had him find them. He enjoyed this up until the ninth penny, He did not want to find the tenth. He did though and as he said "I did not quit mommy" So cute.
Sam for art class this week was assigned to design as many different types of puzzles as he could. It will go toward the Unplug your kid project on monday. Here is working on a word find. (Please excuse any mess in the background. I had not gotten to the house work yet.)
I am always working on letters with Gabe so today I gave him the letter A to do. It was math day so I made upper and lower case A's and them around so he had to find them. Once he found them he had to count how many there was.
Sam for Life Skills today had to pick a spot in his room and really organize it. He chose the toy bins and did a wonderful job on them. Well Gabe for his Life Skills had to do a penny polish. After all those pennies in the coffee grounds needed a bath.
That was our first day back. Nice and easy. Now to see what tomorrow will bring.


Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

heather, what fun, I have been feeling down and overwhelmed so to see everyone back in school, I gotta start cracking, LOL
A fun day,like always

Kate in NJ said...

Nice job. I love the "life skills".
I never think of P getting cleaned up as part of school...I'm rethinking now. ;-)