Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our day today....
Today was the California Goldrush day. I had Sam read this book, it was all about the history of the Goldrush. Then he answered a Question sheet his dad made for him. I got this picture of him on the couch reading it. It thought that he looked so cozy in his pj's. Well that was his English class.
Gabe I had practice his writting. He worked on letters A, B, C, D. I printed out great sheets from and laminated them all so he can use them again and again.
When he was done I let him do his sensory work, It was cornmeal. He was so excited when I told him that he could use his cars in it. He started bouncing up and down saying "Sammy I get to use my cars in the cornmeal!!!" he is very cute when he gets excited like that.
If his day was not already perfect from getting to do the cornmeal, I made it even better. I told him that he got to do puzzles for math class. It was like christmas morning all over again (if you see in the picture he is actually doing a Santa puzzle).
Well he also had a life skills class and gym class today to. For Life Skills I had him sweep the floors using the swiffer sweeper. That was a ton of fun to him. Sam got to vaccum using the swiffer carpet flicker for his life skills class. For gym I had them do the Penguin hop. they had a blast with that one. In true boys fashion they had monsters chasing them from iceburg to iceburg.
Sam had one other class today. It was geography class. I had him put together some puzzle maps. He has got to be the cutest nerd ever because when I told him that is what he was going to do, he had one response about the homemade one that I made him. It was "Can I please study how the roads go when it is together?" Of course I said yes, I am kind like that. He is so funny though. Today was a light day around here. The kids are actually always asking to learn. We thought to take advantage of this and the have lessons every day. Some days are fuller than others. The only thing the kids say is that the light days are to light. I guess this is what would be called a good problem right? Well I have to go and make sure lessons are ready for tomorrow. It is the anniversary of the first transcontinental phone call. We are going to be making phones out of the old way kids used to do it, two can with a long rope in the middle. I can not wait. I think the kids are going to have so much fun with that. All right that is enough for now. Have a good night. I will post more tomorrow.


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh how cute and that cornmeal is always such a hit with kids.

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, We are doing the Gold Rush today..we just had to have a play and cuddle day here Yesterday..Little Man
seemed to need extra love.
His hours messed us up on our science play date, so we will stay here and
learn about the Gold Rush instead.