Friday, September 14, 2007

Here is a picture of Gabe doing some of his pratical life skills. He folded up some wash clothes today. He had a lot of fun with it. When he finished he kept out one of the wash clothes as a picnic blanket for his little people.
His big brother even took a little break from his lessons to join in on the lesson.


Kate in NJ said...

Who doesn't love a man who can fold laundry? ;-)

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I missed so much.!!! I'll be getting updated on the boys first thing tomorrow morning with a nice cup of coffee. Looks like a real fun week.

Amber said...

What good boys you have!! I am embarrassed to admit this but when Travis was younger he had a basket of things to fold, dish cloths, hand towels, napkins and such but once he mastered it he quit doing it and I don't think he even remembers how to fold properly anymore! I am so glad you posted this! I forgot all about how much help he was after Demaris was born! After this baby is born and I am home and settled in again I am need to show him how to fold things so he can help me out with stuff like that. I feel kind of silly now thinking about how I taught some skills and never put them to use after he mastered them! THANK YOU! This is going to help me so much!!!!

Mandy said...

It's so good to see children learning these things early on! Good for Mama for teaching them this!

Heather said...

Kate- I think I am going to have to work with him a little more because I hate doing Laundry. Their dad told me the other day he wants to start teaching them to wash their own clothes now. :)
Yasmina- I see that you updated alot lately. I can not wait to see all of your pictures.
Amber- Thank you I do have really good boys. I am sure that Travis remembers. Since he is so much like sam I am sure that he will be helping you out all the time.
Mandy- Thanks you so much for the kind words. And thanks for stopping by. I looked at your blog that is really nice.