Thursday, September 06, 2007

I wanted to share with everyone a couple shots of what it is like to do school with my youngest these days. He has become a bit of a handful. The lesson here was giving me the matching picture to the word that I told him and was on a card I showed him. He was fighting it the whole time.
Here is a close up of when I pushed for him to finish up with this lesson. Are they born with the drama gene or something. I mean where has he learned this from. I had the last laugh tho. I told him that if he was to tired to do his school work he needed to go down for a nap. He did not like that. LOL
So that was a look into some of the more "tiring" times of our day. How does everyone else deal with these days?


Mrs. Darling said...

Hey just clikc on my homeschool label or on the Tink label on my website and you will find resistance to homeschooling that is unbelievable!

Ya just have to grin and bear it. There isn't much else you can do! sigh

Kate in NJ said...

He is so cute, I have the same thing
here some days.