Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Discovery Bottles--
These are the discovery bottles that I made about a year ago for my boys. I thought that I would share them with eveyone because they have been asking my friend Kate for pictures of hers. I believe that I actually got the website from her that showed me how to make these. They are all made out of old water bottles. The two in the front are my "I Spy" bottles. I filled one with rice and the other one with rice and beans. Then I filled each with beads, buttons, coins, basically anything small enough to fit in the bottle. Next I have The glitter bottles, one is filled with corn syrup and the other has vegetable oil (the oil changed color over time). This gives different flow rates for the glitter. Then the red and blue bottles are the ocean bottles. They are baby oil and water with some food coloring. Then last is the Green bottle in the back that is the bubble bottle. I put water and dish soap in the bottle. When the kids shake it, it makes a bunch of bubbles in it. After a few minutes the bubbles go away and they can shake again. So thanks to Kate for bringing this idea out again. My children have so much fun playing with these bottles. One more not for those of you that have younger ones that like to open the bottles and dump, I hot glued all of the covers in place and they have not been able to open them.


reprehriestless warillever said...

Thank you for the pictures and the inspiration.

I made an eye-spy bottle with objects hidden in rice, as well as a pictoral guide of what they should find. The best part was that some things (like the button) were easy to find, while others (like the dime and thumbtack) took much more work to find.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Heather, I am so far I may never get "caught up"! lol