Monday, September 03, 2007

Mystery Monday!!!!
Today was a very fun mystery Monday. Since it was Labor Day dh was home all day. This gave us the opportunity to have more fun since he could help. While Sammy was finishing up a couple of sheets Gabe and Daddy sat down to play with the race track.

I took the time to get some cleaning done while the boys read a story and baked cookies with their daddy. They had a really good time with this. The cookies turned out really yummy to.
When the boys finished lunch we did jello marbles. This is a really fun way to get rid of the old boxes of jello in your cupboard. What you do is make up a bunch of jello. Once it is set put some marbles in. Then the children have to remove the marbles using nothing but their toes. A truly messy fun time.
Gabe had so much fun with his feet that he decided to put his hands in to. This was a really fun sensory project for them.
They were completely covered in jello that I just threw them into the tub, clothes and all. They thought that was so much fun. They never get to take a bath in their clothes. I did get video of them playing with this, but unfortunetly I have been having a hard time getting it loaded. When I do though I will share it with everyone.
They finished off the day playing with the train tracks. Over all it was a really wonderful day. I hope that everyone had a great Labor Day.


Amber said...

My your house looks like so much fun! I love it!!! I love the jello marble idea! I might have to wait to try something like that until after I have my baby! Our tub is upstairs and I can't see me picking up both children and getting them upstairs to get them to the tub with this huge belly of mine! My son son is almost 60 pounds and my daughter is around 20. That would be 80 pounds plus a baby in my tummy going up the steps. I know they would slip and fall if I let them walk with dripping jello on them. I want to tell you your house is the kind of house all children want to learn in! Your boys are so lucky to have such a fun mommy like you!

Heather said...

Thank you so much Amber that means alot that you think that. I always think your place looks so much more fun than mine. My dh suggested that if you want to that project now just do it out side then you can hose them down when you are done. Just an idea :) Again thank you so much for the compliments it really made my day.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

very fun jello activty. I am not sure ds would like it or not. He is all for getting his feet in and hands, but some things make him gag. LOL
I love to see dad baking with the kids. DH loves to bake, I should suggest doing it with the kids. Your husband reminds me alot of DH, very hands on. LOL
Looks like another fun weekend to me.

Kate in NJ said...

What a cool idea! I wonder if we have any marbles?