Friday, September 28, 2007

O.k. so I just posted a bunch of new entries. This week we have been a little crazy starting with Daddy being home for the first couple of days, to today ending with a boil water alert for the whole weekend. An interesting week to say the least. I tried to include different ways of him learning, to show him that he can learn anywhere. Things such as the mall, I gave him a map and he had to lead us around to different stores. Then seeing how leaves in a puddle can move with a different current. Wow where did the time go. I believe that I am all caught up for now. There should be more by the end of the weekend. I included some pictures of Sam working on his landform cards. I found these here. He loves the cards and had a great time actually making the Landforms. Of course being the amazing mother that I am (Now that is a funny statement) I did give him the blue water for it. There is a picture below that shows one of his completed forms.


Kate in NJ said...

I just printed some for P...thanks!

Kate in NJ said...

Just wanted to add that I found a book at our library last night
called "KIDS LEARN AMERICA!"bringing geography to life with people,places and history.
It's a "Kids Can!" book.
I left the info on Shauna's blog, but I know you are also doing the "states" this year ;-)