Saturday, September 01, 2007

This weekend we are finishing up with organizing our apartment. The boys still had to do some school work though. Gabe worked on some tracing in Kumon books with his daddy. Then he finished up with hanging clothes. This was more practical life skills. He was supposed to be using his hands to clip it but he found it better to use his mouth. Since he does need to strengthen the muscles in his mouth and we let it go. When he finished with it we made him use his hands ( he did not like that).
Sammy was continuing on with his states work. He also has started to keep a weather log for different regions this month. He finished of his day playing a new game that Our online buddy Amber told us about. He was doing multiplication on it and doing so well. He was excited to finish because the boys got their beds bunked up again. That is the best to sammy because he can keep his brother from bothering him during sleep.
Well the Dh and I were in our room cleaning and Sam told me that I should check on Gabe. Sam took the picture for me. Gabe was wearing the drain stopper as a hat.


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Funny Gabe. Looks like a real fun weekend. Very cute picture of Elmo reading a book LOL

Amber said...

I love his way of hanging clothes! I am jealous with the pictures of Sammy sitting so nice at the table so often for you to do school with him. Travis often falls off the chairs because he fidgets a lot when we do school work. Gabe using the drain stopper for a hat is so FUNNY! He must have you laughing so much each day!

Heather said...

Thanks Yasmina it was a really fun weekend.
Amber- He is a little comedian. He was not happy about having to use his hands to hang them so we ended up bribing him with some banana crackers. Sammy can sit pretty good at the table but I would give anything for him to focus a little more. When the A/C turns on this kid gets distracted. Oh well :)

Kate in NJ said...

Too cute!
They always look like learning is so fun for guys do a great job with them!