Saturday, January 07, 2012

Puzzle time with Dad!

Recently the boys recieved a new puzzle.  It was a 3D Breakthrough of Lightning McQueen and Mater.  A puzzle is the perfect thing for them to do with their dad, He loves puzzles.  With time constrants and limited space he unfortunetly does not get a whole lot of time to do them. 
The puzzle took them a couple of nights to do.  On the first night the put in all of the regular pieces of the puzzle. Then when the boys went to bed Rob glued the puzzle together. 
I love this picture of the boys working together.  That is always a nice moment.  :0)

The next night they started assembling the 3D portions of the puzzle.
Dad and Gabe worked on assembling Lightning McQueen.  He was the bigger of the pieces.
Sam worked away on the logo and Mater.  He had a little trouble with Maters tire but he fixed that in the morning. 

Here is a front and side view of the completed puzzle.  It looks really neat.  The boy actually want to theme their room to the Cars 2 movie so this will look perfect hanging up in there.  We just need to get a frame for it.

The boys posing with the completed puzzle.  They are very proud as you can see.  If you want to get one of these puzzles youself check out the site here at 3D Breakthrough

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MamaGames said...

That's very neat... I have seen those puzzles in the store but wasn't sure exactly how they worked, so thanks for sharing some side-view pictures! :)