Monday, January 09, 2012

Avengers Mansion

Gabe has become obsessed with the Avengers over the last few months.  Well for you that have seen the Avenger's on Disney XD know that they have a mansion as their headquarters.  For Christmas we got an unfinished doll house from Michael's.  We painted it up for him to have the mansion.  He even got a bunch of the little action figures to put in it.  Some were from us but he used his Christmas money to get the rest.
Here are some shots of the inside of the mansion.  We still have not decorated the inside up yet.  It is really hard finding the furniture that is not all pastels.  We are still on the look out for some though.  I think some paintings might be neccessary to.  We will see. 

For the outside I painted a big window on each end.  Then as you can see the back has windows and a door on it.

With some of the christmas money he did also buy the Shield Ship.  Sam took an old box and decorated it up to have storage for him.

The house itself is not being used as much any more.  I think that he is getting tired of moving it around.  It is almost the same size as him,LOL.  I am going to work at setting up a special area for it and I think that it will draw his attention back to it.

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