Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Farmer's Market

The other day we took the kids to our local farmer's market.  The kids love going here and getting the fresh fruit and vegetables here but this trip was a little different though.
I promise Gabe had more fun than it looks like in the picture.  He was just a little upset because I asked him not to be silly in the picture.  I know, I know mean mom.  :0)
The difference for this trip was that the kids got to pick their fruit and veggies off the plants themselves.  They thought that this was the funnest thing.
First up was the strawberries.  It was hard to get the boys away from these plants.  They loved finding them in the plants.

Gabe really enjoyed racing up and down looking for new plants.
Sam was a little more patient and relaxed on his hunt.
Eventually we seperated a little bit.  Sam went with his dad and found lots of yummy ones.
I got this little cutie as my helper.  He wanted this picture because of the really long stem.  :0)

My three guys showing off the haul.  Rob really does have some in his bucket but Gabe has the most in his.
We got a nice little strawberry haul.  After picking the strawberries we headed over to the the tomatoes to pick.  We did not stay over there long because all the tomatoes were green.  We did pick some, just waiting for them to finish turning red now.
Heading to the stand to pay for our goods.  It was a really beautiful day for picking.

Some shots from the outside of the farmer's market.  This was an antique wagon.
I love the red in this tree.
This was a bottle sculpture that the kids thought was pretty neat.  It was for sale if you want it.  It  is a just $89.  Sorry kids maybe next time.
That is all for now.  Off to enjoy a homemade oreo, yummy

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