Sunday, January 15, 2012

How the rest of our week went!

Well my boys truly love homeschooling.  I mean most kids would right?  However for the few years that we have been doing it, it has not been easy.  With all the good moments there was just as much bad moments too.  I think though, fingers crossed, we might have actually found our groove.  My biggest problem was getting them to get all of their work done on time.  They would be so far behind.  Our schedule is 3 weeks on 1 week off, and that week off they would always spend it catching up.  About 4 months ago something clicked in them and they started getting things done daily, never falling behind any more.  I really hope that I did not just jinx us with that statement.  Oh well we will see.  Now on to the rest of our week....
Plenty of silent reading time.  Sam does plenty on his own that we do not have to put it in his schedule.  Gabe though we have to assign him something.  Then when he is done we have to ask follow up questions to make sure he got it.  As you see though we are not completly mean.  I wish that my work consisted of me curling up on the couch and reading. 
There was some sewing going on.  Sam is hiding behind the blanket because he is trying to make something for his brother's upcoming birthday.  It was the only way that he could think to hide it from him.  I can not show you a completed picture until after Gabe's birthday to make sure that he does not see it.  Gabe did make a sewing project though that I can share.  Sam's favorite country to learn about is Italy so Gabe sewed the flag for a pillow. 
Photo taken by Sam
They boys did start on the water science this week.  Along with the worksheets they have had lots of fun experiments.  Gabe is doing a taste test of regular water to see if there was any flavor. 

Sam, using an eye dropper had to figure out the size of one drop of water.  The photo below Sam is trying to build different styles of boats to see what one can hold the most before sinking.

There was plenty of pictures being taken all around.  The boys recieved this camera in the mail this week as a free gift for one of the mailing clubs that we are in.  It is not the top of the line camera but it is perfect for them to play around with, and hey it was free!
There was baking of course.  Sam recieved a donut maker for christmas and loves making his own donuts.  He brought some of these into the girls in ballet class.  He is smart, The only boy in the class and he brings in homebaked goods to the girls.  I think I am going to have some problems keeping those girls away.  Gabe did do some cooking this week to, but I am going to share that tomorrow.  Make sure to come back for that. 
Playing with play-doh. Great way to build up the muscles that are needed to write with.
We practiced grammar by playing a game of lego grammar.  Momma won, but Sam was really close behind.  Gabe, ahh he still needs ome work on that.  He will get it though.
Lots of Just Dance 3 for gym class.  The keep trying to beat mom and dad's score.  Good luck boys, you will get there.
Of course there was lots of lessons on the iPad.  Gabe is working on an art lesson here.
Sam was working on his money lapbook.  Did you know that Antartica has its own currency?  He was pretty excited to find that out.  The money is really pretty to, yup there was penguins on it.
We played monoply crazy cash with Gabe.  That kid kicked my butt.  He is a little Donald Trump in the making.  He loved it that I kept calling him money bags.  He laughed so hard that he was having problems breathing.
Look how proud he was that he was beating me.  Funny little kid he is.

Have a great day.  Check back tomorrow for a cooking with the kids (Gabe recipe)

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