Sunday, January 01, 2012

A New Year....

I hope that everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season.  Ours has been good, very busy though.  Between the illness spreading around here since Thanksgiving and trying to get all our projects done, there really has not been much time to breathe let alone blog.  That makes me sad because I really do enjoy blogging.  Well there is still alot going on around here but we are starting to feel better.  Now it is time to try and get caught up on things.  So to start off with last night I asked all of my boys (Rob included, LOL)  on what they wanted for goals this year.  I thought that I would share them here.  This way they are out there and we are more responsible to do them.  Up first the youngest of course.

Gabe's Goals
1.) Learn more Jazz moves. (He really loves his dance classes, Jazz is his favorite right now)
2.) More cooking time.  (He really loves to cook and wants to improve his skill alot.  It is really nice to see the pride in his face when he does a good job.)

Sam's Goals
1.) To learn to knit.
2.)  Learn more about architecture.  (He actually started working on this today.  He is rearranging his room, so he measured everything and made a lay out of how he wanted things set up.  I will try and share that later)
3.) Make more sculptures.  (This kid loves art and building things)
4.) More ballet moves.  (He is in love with all of his dance classes, but ballet is his number one right now.  That might be because he is the only boy in the class :0))

Dad's (Rob) Goals
1.) Get Healthy!  (Love this one, doing it together)
2.) Balance our budget better.
3.) Go back to school.  (I am very much supporting on this.  I think he will be amazing)
4.) Learn a new style of art.  (He is not sure what yet, but he will figure out something.  He just wants learn something new)

Mom's (Mine) Goals
1.) Get Healthy!  (See it is one my list too)
2.) Get Sabe Creations stocked and running consistently. 
3.) Stay ahead on Birthday/holiday crafts.  (I really love making alot of the gifts.  I just get behind and get really overwhelmed on everything.)
4.) More me time.  (O.k. every stay at home parent is probably putting this one on their list)
5.) Improve on my knitting ( I know very basic knitting skills, Sam wants to learn so I am going to help him and hopefully improve my own skills at the same time)
6.)  More photography time.  (I really wamt to work on my skills more)
7.) Blog more (See already working on that one :0))
8.) Read more.  ( I LOVE a good book)

As a family goal we want to learn the piano.  Living in a small apartment there really is no room for a piano.  A great alternative came our way during Christmas.  Rob recieved a new iPad as a christmas bonus (very cool).  Then the boys recieved a piano to go with it.  So we figured that this is a good starting point for us.  Then when we have a bigger place we will look into upgrading.

That is our family goals for this new and wonderful year.  I am so excited for it.  I hope you keep reading this year and see how we are making it through our goals.  What are your goals for the new year,  I would love to know. 

In closing tonight, since it has been so long since I posted I thought I would share a picture of two of my favorite guys. 
All the best wishes for a wonderful and amazing new year.  May all of your goals be met succesfully!

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