Monday, January 02, 2012

Our Christmas...

Before it gets to far away I wanted to share a few of our Christmas photos with you.  Our Christmas was really wonderful, Simple and at home, just the way that I like it.
The boys going through their stockings first thing that morning.  Lots of fun goodies right in there.

Gabe showing off what Santa gave him.  A new imaginext set for Cars 2.  On a side note I have to mention his pajama pants.  They are the first pair he ever made on his own.  He is so proud of them, and me I can only smile when I look at him in them.
Ok now for Sam's Santa Gift.  I had to share a sequence of these photos because I do not know who was more excited about the gift Sam or Gabe.  As you can see in this first one Gabe is very curious about what he got.
This has to be my favorite one from the day.  Look how excited Gabe is and the present is not even for him actually (Sam said he would share with the whole family, Gabe did know that at the time though).
Finally Sam's impression of his Santa Gift.  I think that he was pretty pleased.  He has been wanting new pots and pans for so long and they are in his favorite color too, orange.
Finally the favorite toy that was recieved.  Affectionaly known as "Avenger Mansion" around here.  It was a basic unfinshed Doll house that I picked up at Micheals and painted for him.  Then we filled it with Avenger toys for him.  He loves this thing.  As you can see it is really large and he drags it back and forth between his room and the living room daily.  I will be back soon to show some of our crafting projects that we did for the holidays.

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