Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Holiday Crafts...

I thought that I would share some of the crafts that we put together for Christmas Gifts.  I was really pleased with how much we made this year.  These are photos of the gifts that we shipped out, unfortunetly I did not complete all in time.  I am still going to get it done so I will share pictures after completing them.  I promise kids, I know that you are reading this, I am working hard on them.  I promise they will ship soon.  Now on to the gift that I managed to get done.  Well that would be with help from all of my guys.
First up my husband made a couple of mermaid dolls for the little one year olds in our life.  He got the pattern for them from the Wee Wonderfuls book.  Of course he did a great job on them. 
For one of our other little cousins we built a barn and supplies for.  I assembled the barn and Rob made all of the inside supplies.  The roof comes off and can be used as a yard for the the barn.  Rob hand painted the farmer and his wife.  A very cute job on them.  When she is all done playing with it she can put it all back inside and put the roof on for easy storage.

For our niece we bought her the book "The Best Mouse Cookie"  and  made a playset to go along with it.  It was complete with all of the supplies for her to act out the story on her own. 

For our nephew we wanted to carry on with the theme that we did for his birthday.  For his birthday we put together the fort building kit.  So for Christmas we decided to make him some gear that he could pretend he was camping in his fort with.  I got the pattern for the fire and lantern from here.

For some of the adults in our family we put together what we call "Cold Weather Baskets".  Really we were trying to be funny since they all live in the New England area and we live in South Florida. We put in the  baskets home made cocoa, chocolate covered marshmallows, cookies, and some mugs.  For a touch from the kids we saw this idea for coasters.  The kids hand painted all of them and then Rob covered the top with resin and put felt on the bottom to keep from slipping or scratching surfaces.
Have a great night everyone.  See you tomorrow.

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MamaGames said...

They all look great - I especially love the felt sets - and oh! the fire and lantern look amazing. You guys do great work!