Sunday, November 11, 2007

Unplug your kids 3---

The color red...
We have been having a lot of fun doing these projects from Unplug your Kids. This week the project was to something with the color red. I wanted to let the boys choose what they wanted for the art project. They thought that our tye-dyed t-shirts were really fun to make, so they wanted to do that again. They wanted to try and add some more colors in than just red though, so I said that it was fine. Below is pictures of their creations.

This beauty was done by Gabe,

and this one is Sams.

We plan on taking the t-shirts, along with others that we have, and stuffing them a little. Then allow the boys to use them as jump pads. Maybe the couch cushions will last longer :) !!


missbecky75 said...

You are braver than I am! Getting out the tie died paints... I'm impressed. :) The shirts turned out great!

I like your thinking on saving the couch cushions. Mine could use a little downtime, too! :)

Kate in NJ said...

Jump cushions sounds like a great idea! Very cool shirts!

Mom Unplugged said...

I like your jump pad idea. My sofa is in a sorry state.

Very nice tie dye. The last time we tried this, much of it faded in the first wash. I think I didn't presoak it correctly.

I agree with Becky: Very brave project this week! As always, thanks for joining in! I look forward to seeing what your boys do with "Box."

Tamara said...

I don't think I am ready for tie-die but what a fun idea. I chose something very un-messy this week after 2 weeks of painting.

They did a good job!

Andrée said...

wow, those are almost like kaleidoscopes. How'd you do that? They are really nice, they have good eyes for color.

Amber said...

They turned out so nice! I have 4 tie dye kits I got for the children to make up shirts for themselves and the baby I even have packs of shirts waiting to dye but I never got a chance to do it before the baby was born. I LOVE the jump cushions idea! I tried to think of a good thing to use as crash pads when Travis was young this idea would have worked out perfect for that! You are so creative! I think I will need to make some up soon as I get caught up with things here.