Saturday, November 17, 2007

Book List 13---
So we have reached list 13. This is the big one we topped out at just over 200 books read now. I think we can make it to our final goal. With out further ado here is our new list.....
194.) A Splendid Friend Indeed by Suzanne Bloom
195.) Naughty Parents by Joy Gosney
196.) Don't Let the Pigeon Stay up Late! by Mo Willems
197.) Once Upon a Time, The End (Asleep in 60 seconds) by Geoffrey Kloske
198.) Tractor Day by Candice F. Ransom
199.) The Top Secret Files of Mother Goose by Gabby Gosling
200.) Racer Dogs by Bob Kolar
201.) Ker-Splash by George O'Connor
202.) We're Sailing to the Galapagos --A week in the Pacific by Laurie Krebs
203.) Rabbit Wishes by Linda Shute
204.) Bouki Dances the Kokioko: a comical tale from Haiti by Diane Wolkstein
205.) Hansel and Diesel by David Gordon
206.) One Cow Moo Moo by David Bennett

We just got these books today but a few are already standing out to us. Gabe really loves Hansel and Diesel. It is Hansel and Gretal but as trucks. Very cute for little boys who think that fairy tales are to girlie. LOL. Sam liked Ker-Splash because it had a super hero that was the american eagle, his favorite animal of course. I also like the mother goose one, The pictures in it are really cool. My next list will not be posted until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving because I will be out of town. I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

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Kate in NJ said...

Great books...we'll have to look for them next library visit!