Friday, November 16, 2007

Our week all wrapped up.
As I mentioned in a previous entry Gabe is now home with us full time and it has been hectic but good. I have been having a harder time getting online to update though because of him being home. So sorry it is a long entry but this is what we have been up to over the past week. The boys had some art classes with us and here are the pictures of their finished products.

This one is done by Gabe. It was his own creation, not an assignment. He called it Mr. Windmister. I thought it was very cute. He mounded up the modeling clay and stuck a pencil in the top. Then he took his number stones and stuck them all around it.
I had the boys make some Thanksiving puppets as one of their projects. They are Pilgrims and Turkeys. Can you guess which boy colored which? LOL:)

These are the Thankful turkeys that the boys made. I had cut out a bunch of feathers and a body of the turkey. Then the boys glued on the feathers. They finished it off by writing the things that they were thankful for on the bellies.

We did some cooking with the boys this week. They made supper on Monday. Since we are studying Mexico they made a yummy meal of mexican food. Gabe made a Taco Salad from his cook book and Sam made some Salsa rollups that we had found. It was all really delicious and the boys were really proud of themselves. All in all it was a great night. If any one wants the recipe let me know, I will be happy to share them.

We have done a lot of science projects over the week, unfortunetly I did not get pictures of them all. This one though was called submersible. It is kind of hard to see in the picture but there is a paper clip folded the a straw over it. On the bottom of it there is some clay added for weight. When the bottle was squeezed the kids could make it rise and dive like a submarine.

One of the things we did for Gym class this week was to g for a bike ride. Gabe is still a little scared riding. Sam tried to make him feel better by putting some knee pads on him. It made him feel better except that they hurt being on. A little to small, oh well still sweet.

I thought this was cute. Gabe really wanted to learn how to play checkers with his Dad. Rob took time during his lunch break the other day to help him learn. He loved it because he won, with daddy's help of course. LOL

This was one of Gabe's Sensory classes. It was called Spirited Shepards. The obect was for the boys to blow the sheep (cotton balls) into the corral. I put the shower curtain down because I did not want any friction for them when the cotton ball to move. They had a lot of fun with this project.

This is the cover to the families first attempt at Lapbooking. This one was made by Daddy for Sam. Sam liked it so much that he is working on one about Squanto and the Pilgrims. I took some shots of the inside, they are shown below.

Lapbooks are alot of fun. We already have plans to make a whole lot more. For anyone that has to put a portfolio together for evaluation. This is a great way to show off what the kids have learned.


Kate in NJ said...

What a great week!!
I'm glad you did a long post to
"get it all in", but I have missed you all week.:-(
As always, I wish I could physically be a part of your lessons and spend time with your family.
The lap book is awesome!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

What a fun week. I need to do more science with Zach and also practice his writing letters. Cute turkeys. Have a fun weekend.

Amber said...

Wow! What a busy week! It looks like a ton of fun! I love you lapbook! Ok I love all the stuff you did! Demi has been tearing apart the last few lapbooks we did. :( She isn't careful like Travis I love lapbooking but I think I need to keep her out of it until she is a bit older. Your lapbook looks a lot neater (nice and tidy) compared to the ones we make.