Friday, November 09, 2007

Random Shots and even a little school--

This first picture Sam took of his little brother. He thought that he was being cute riding on the truck.
This one Gabe building with legos. He told me that it was his city. He was so proud!
My little strong man. He is so funny Sam was trying to get into his bed to do some reading. When he goes into his bed to read he usually brings up the ladder so that his little brother will not bother him. His brother decided to be helpful and put the ladder up for him today. He just did not wait for Sam to get off from it.
They have even enjoyed some painting this week. Sam has really gotten into his painting so we actually got him some canvas to paint on. Gabe just loves watching his big brother work.
Here is a shot of Gabe doing his math work. I put a target down for him and he had to stand behind the line. Then he would throw bean bags at the target. He had to count up which ones made it into the target then the ones that did not make it into the target. He had a good time with that. We have done a lot more that I will try to post about this weekend.

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Mrs. Darling said...

How funny that he decided to put the ladder up with brother on it! Poor brother.

Interesting Math lesson. Its lessons like that that really stick.