Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Book List #14---
O.k. So we have become a crazed family getting these books. Well not so much the DH. Oh well we are having so much fun getting them. We went to the library last night and Sam struggled to carry his pile out. Not to mention that Gabe had his own pile and so did I, so this list is just a small portion of what we took out. The rest are books that we use as reference for school work. The boys are really interested in the Rain Forest right now. We got a bunch of different ones on that topic. To many books....nah not enough. LOL. So here is our list.

207.) Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bully Bug! by Ed Emberley
208.) Library Lil by Suzanne Williams
209.) Francis Scott Key and "The Star Spangled Banner" by Lynea Bowdish
210.) Greetings From Sandy Beach by Bob Graham
211.) The Ugly Truckling by David Gordon
212.) The Umbrella by Jan Brett
213.) Over In The Jungle--A Rain Forest Rhyme by Marianne Berkes
214.) The Parrot Tico Tango by Anne Witte
215.) The Boy Who Was Raised By Librarians by Carla Morris
216.) I. Q. Goes To the Library by Mary Ann Fraser
217.) The Rain Forest Grew All Around by Susan Mitchell
218.) Look Who Lives in The Rainforest by Alan Baker
219.) The Rain Forest Counts! by Lisa McCourt
220.) The Lion and The Little Red Bird by Elisa Kleven
221.) One Big Building --A Counting Book About Construction by Michael Dahl
222.) Jungle Drum by Deanna Wundrow
223.) Animal Babies In The Rain Forest by Jennifer Schofield
224.) Deep in a Rain Forest by Gwen Pascoe
225.) Squanto's Journey- The Story of the First Thanksgiving by Joseph Bruchac

So these are the new books. The boys really liked the one "The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians" (I think that Kate actually recommended that one on her list). We have not had much chance to get into many yet since we got them last night. We did get to look through a few today though, so here are ones we have liked. Gabe has loved "The Ugly Truckling" (Shocker on that one) and Sam has really liked "I. Q. Goes to the Library". I thought that "Animal Babies in the Rain Forest" was so sweet. I hope that you find some on the list you can enjoy to.


Kate in NJ said...

LOL, Nope, but Kate did just request it from her library..you must have just thought of me when you saw that!lol ;-)

Angie said...

Hi Heather!

I hope you enjoy Susan K. Mitchell's The Rainforest Grew All Around! Make sure you check out www.SylvanDellPublishing.com for free audio, teaching activities, learning links, comprehension & math quizzes and more! Enjoy. :)

-Angie from Sylvan Dell