Monday, November 26, 2007

Our School Day---
With the Holidays here the schooling is hard to get done, but we are managing. Today was our first day back to a regular schedule in a week, and it was interesting. Sam started out doing his multiplication worksheets, which took a while but he did good. While he did that Gabe worked on his sensory lesson. He made a crinkle bag, which he loved. It was a very simple thing to make. You take a pillow case and fill it up with bunched up newspaper. Then tie off the top. The kids can jump on it, Hug it, pretty much do anything they want to it to make some sound.

For English Sam read some poetry. Then he picked his favorite one and described it. He picked "Travel" by Robert Louis Stevenson. My child has a huge travel bug so I am not surprised that is the one he choose. Gabe did "Bowling For Scholars". I got the idea from a great book, that I highly recommend. It is called 365 phonics activities. The point of the Game was to set up bowling pins with letters on it. He would knock them down, then have to tell me what the letters were. I asked him to also give me an item that started with that letter. If he could do that and then they would stay down. Once he knocked them all down, he would win the game. You can change the game for older kids by putting parts of speech on it. Just an idea.
After I finished my shower today I found this in the hall. Gabe decided that His little brother (elmo) needed the biggest bed ever. So he decided to make it in the hall. Funny kid.
Then he decided that he was going to make a car. He sat on their scooter and tried to "drive" down the hall. Well at least he decided to be safe and wear his helmet. LOL.
Well that was a portion of the day that we had. It was pretty good. We also did some science and art to. Then we finished the day off with a trip to the library. So with that make sure to check back for our list. I will try to post that tomorrow.


Kate in NJ said...

You always have such nice days!!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I will def. check into that book. But, what did you put in the bottles?

Amber said...

I also made a bowling set in the last couple weeks but mine is so very ugly next to yours! I think the crinkle bag is so cool! I will try that one with Demi.

Heather said...

Thanks Kate they are pretty nice. Silly but nice.
Yasmina the book is wonderful, they even have things in it like how to make homemade lollipops for the letter "L". Lots of great ideas in it. As for the bottles I just put some dried beans in it for stability, so you can put anything in it that you want.
Amber thank you but your bowling set was adorable. I love the whole snowball knocking over the mittens. Very cute and creative. The crinkle bag was very cool, Gabe is still playing with it.

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