Friday, May 06, 2011

Sam's 11th Birthday!!!

So My Little guy is not so little anymore, He turns 11 today.  How come they can keep growing up.  I really do not like it.  Oh well, guess that I just have to give in and go with it.  This year his presents were a little more grown up.  To start with last weekend we took him to Micheal's and gave him him $50.  He was allowed to buy whatever he wanted.  Among the many things he got his first glue gun.  Also some wood so that he could start practicing wood burning designs.  O.K.  now on to his 2 gifts that we gave him this morning.  Well as much as Sam loves crafting he loves to read more, So we got him a

Kindle.  As you can see he is pretty happy about that.  We loaded two new books, Kingdom Keepers 4 and Throne of Fire.

He found out that Throne of Fire was from his little brother. 
Now on to the biggest of all the gifts.  Hmm what is this in here, a bunch of papers?
This is starting to look like some good papers.  Could it be?
Yes it is Tickets to Disney World!!!!!
Finding out that we leave on Monday morning.  Now time to fill Gabe in on what is happening.
Yup now he knows.  Needless to say they are pretty excited.  This is their first trip to Disney and they can not wait.
Normally when his Birthday Cards come in I let them have them right away, but this year I had to hold them.  That was because so many people were in on the secret.  His mimi sent him a gift card to Disney world., so the secret would have been out.
Ok we leave in a couple of days so expect a few (ok a lot more than a few) pictures when we get back.

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