Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day one...EPCOT

Our natural desire to cram in as much as we can in our days continued while on vacation.  We were only there for the four days and wanted to do all four parks.  Ok that means really long days for us.  You know what though We have the BEST KIDS EVER..  The more tired they are the better behaved they are.  I know we are so lucky.  They did not fight at all.  They were patient and waited well on everything.  They never complained either.  I mean are we totally the luckiest parents or what!  Before you go hating us for having the greatest kids (which we do)  They are almost never like that at home.  Ok here are a few of my favorite shots from EPCOT, Our longest day (about 13 hours overall at the park).
The character meet and greet with Momma's favorite Goofy.
We took a boat ride through a very cool area that showed ways they are trying new types of growing.  Look at those sweet potatoes, they are huge and did not even grow in the dirt.  Pretty Cool.  This ride kept making me think of our friend Kate.  She would have loved it.
The boy played this really cool game of Kim Possible.  They got to be secret agents and had to find they bad guy.  They were given a kimunicator that would give them assignments that they had to complete.  It was pretty neat. (Doesn't Gabe look impressed in this photo, LOL)
They boys in front of the monorail and Spaceship earth.
(Taken by Rob)
Rob and Sam stayed a little later than us that night and got this shot on the way out.  I thought that it was so beautiful.  Alright the next one will be Day two...Animal Kingdom.  Until then check out this link to see the rest of our photos from EPCOT.

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