Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Four ...Hollywood Studios

Otherwise known as Our last day :0(...  It was a really good trip the boys had so much fun at everything we did.  This was probably their least favorite park of all (I think it was mostly how tired they were, otherwise I think that they would have liked it alot better.)
When we first got their we seperated from Rob for a little bit.  He wanted to ride on the Tower of Terror and the Aerosmith rollercoaster.  Not something the boys and I wanted to do, So the boys and I hung out in the gift shops for awhile (not something Rob wanted to do).  They tried on lots of hats.  I love how silly Sam will act about things now.  There is a point in time he would have never put this hat on and let me take a picture of it. 
He even got on this Pony.  Kid is getting way to big though. He stood on the base of and swung his leg right over no problem.  I miss my baby, he is growing way to fast.
Oh this child loves his stuffed animals.  (I should show you a picture of his bed sometime)  How sweet is this photo though.  Childhood innocence at its finest.
The guys in front of the Tower of Terror.
Gabe giving Mike a hug goodbye.  Sad to see our trip end.  The boys are already planning our trip back.  If you want to see the rest of the photos from Hollywood studios look here

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