Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Three...Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was probably the favorite for Rob and myself.  The boys enjoyed it but the liked the first two parks more. (Animals and World Pavilion, kinda their thing)  Over all it was a really wonderful day, even though we were all getting really tired at this point. 
(taken by Gabe)
I love this picture because it shows how beautiful everything looked. That is the thing about Disney it is always so clean and beautiful. Also it is a great picture just because Gabe took it.  He asked me if he could take a picture and of course I could not say no.  I think that the kid has a pretty good eye, don't you?
O.k. Is their anything better than my three favorite guys in front of Cinderella's castle.  I mean after all they are my Prince Charming! ;0)
Rob riding in a Giant flying elephant, LOL.. He loved all of the rides so much that he even took Gabe on this (might have a little something to do with how much he loves Gabe too)
This was one of my most memorable rides, because it was one of the things that caused Gabe to feel the Disney magic.  It was the Peter Pan flight ride.  When you first get in their is a bar that does not close until you get to the end of the runway.  Once you get there the attendent waves their hand over the bar and it closes.  So at the end of the ride I saw Gabe wave his hand of the bar and it openend right up.  He was so excited to have the Disney magic!  LOL
The first ride that I took Gabe on that morning was the Speedway Racers while Rob took Sam to Space mountain.  Gabe loved it so much that he wanted to go on it again.  This time that I was able to wait and take pictures and look who I got being all big and riding by himself.  Yikes that is my scene in just a few short years.  LOL.  Tomorrow is our final day, Hollywood studios.  Until then check out the rest of our pictures from the magic kingdom here

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