Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day Two...Animal Kingdom

On to day two, we went to Animal Kingdom.. (we choose the order we went to the parks for early opening)  I was actually pretty excited to go to Animal Kingdom because it was the one park that none of us had actually been to. ( I have been to the other three) It was nice to experience it all together.  Here are some of my favorite pictures  from the day...
We actually ended our day with this ride.  It was the favorite ride out of all the parks for the boys.  I loved it (other than it being really fun) because on this trip Sam faced one of his fears on it and conquered it.  He loved it and was begging to go on it again.  We would have except the line was to long and it was getting close to the park closing for the night.
Here is a close up  of the Tree of Life.  The details of the tree were amazing.  I mean can you see the octopus legs above the Orangutans head. 
My Two really happy boys in front of the Tree of Life.  The tree did have a really cool show in side it, Called it is not easy being a bug.  It was a 3-D show featuring characters from the bugs life movie.  It did startle Gabe abit, because parts were dark and loud.  Your seats were even involved in it, at the end they ask you to wait and let all of the bugs out first.  Your seats move like there are bugs crawling under it. 
The have a section there called Rafiki's Planet watch, it has a conservation station in there.  Gabe was so excited to find his long lost twin (see the resemblance, LOL)
The boys even got to meet Rafiki (I love Rakiki, One of my favorites from the movie).  Sam was so excited because he was wearing a Disney Coservation Pin and Rafiki loved that.  Next up Day 3, Magic Kingdom (mine and Rob's favorite)  until then check out the rest of our pictures from animal kingdom here.

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