Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Impromptu trip to the pool....

This morning we took a little trip down stairs to the pool.  As a picture loving, camera snapping mom of course I made sure to get some pictures while we were there.  Here are just a few to share with you (I took 60 pictures and we were there for only 20 minutes).  Yup a little camera happy!  Well my favorite pictures are usually in black and white, so of course most of my favorite are black and white.  Well at least all that I am sharing with you are. :0)
I just love this little face.
Brotherly love at its finest!
Play time
 This guy is growing way to fast.  Such a handsome young man!
  race you
 I love these faces so much, I mean how could I not.

Trying to work on swimming.

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