Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Science Musuem......

Over the weekend we took the boys to the Science Museum as a surprise. They were so happy to go. Then daddy made them even happier by buying a membership so we can keep going, alot. I have a ton of pictures to share with you. So enjoy!
This first one is outside when we got there. It is a cute 2 person submarine. Now to the inside.

The musuem has a few sections that seem to always be the same. Then the main exhibit hall has an exhibit that is set up for a few months then changes out. The big exhibit right now is robot zoo. It was really cool. They had a bunch of buttons to push that would show how the animals moved. This first one is a house fly.
This one showed how the chamelion changes colors. Also how it sees different things.
This was the platypus. I loved its goggles and snorkle. To funny.
They even had games that the kids could play.
Here the kids could see how a fly saw things. They stood behind the big eyes and it had all kinds of little squares to show how flys eyes looked.
Sam's favorite section is the egyptian section. I thought that this was really pretty.
The even had a real mummy. It was a child. Sad to see that someone died so young yet neat to look at.
Here is some mummified artifacts. The one on the white square is the child mummy's sandal.
This was a mummified falcon.
The boys are playing on a ball run just outside the exhibit. If you look behind Sam at the wall with plaques, it is an heiroglyphics wall. It had a stamper to represent each letter. The kids could stamp out their own names.
Of course who doesn't love a good dinosaur!
This was fun for the boys. It was body of a platypus and kids got to add everything from the beak to the tail. They love the show Phinneas and Ferb, which they have a pet platypus in the show. Gabe kept calling the platypus Perry after their pet. It was sweet he kept saying "It will be alright Perry we will fix you." So sweet.
These last two pictures are of the boys pretending to be astronauts. The top one is Gabe, bottom one is Sam.
It was a really wonderful fun day. We can not wait to go back again. They are actually changing the major exhibit next month to Grossology and how the body works. Should be lot of fun. ;)


Mrs. Darling said...

Science museaums are always fun. Loved the pics. I'll post aht award later this week. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Your museum looks great. My dh took Cate to our science museum this past weekend. He's so much better at explaining all things science. Sad, but true.

Kate in NJ said...

P likes P & F too!
How nice to have a membership.
We live a bit too far away for us to use the membership here much, although P would love it!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

wow, so cool. i wish we had something even a quater of that museum. I am sure you guys had so much fun.