Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Final Book List.....We reached the Goal!!!!

YAH!!!! We reached the final point. It feels so good to have reached the goal. Thank you to every one that kept reading it. So the title says the final book post. That is not really accurate. I am still going to be doing them but only of the books that we are really enjoying. This will be the final for this format though. It has just become so much work to do it, that I was not really enjoying the list anymore. We have a few choices of books to tell you about. First I loved the "Imagine a Day" one. It was a very simple read and the pictures were absolutly amazing. It is probably one of the best books I have seen in a long time. Sam really enjoyed the "Fisherman and the turtle". He actually did a review over at his blog. Oh and not to forget this weeks Pajama Pizza selection....Dragon Pizzeria. It was a very cute book that took place in fairy tale land.
973.) The Bugliest Bug by Carol Diggory Sheilds
974.) Where did Daddy's Hair Go? by Joe O'Connor
975.) Mary had a Little Lamp by Jack Lechner
976.) Bugtown Boogie by Warren Hanson
977.) The Fisherman and the Turtle by by Eric A Kimmel
978.) Wee and the Wright Brothers by Timothy R. Gaffney
979.) Goldie is Mad by Margie Palatini
980.) Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Payne
981.) The Berenstain Bears in No Girls Allowed by Jan and Stan Berenstain
982.) When an Elephant Comes to School by Jan Ormerod
983.) Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach by Melanie Watt
984.) So say the Little Monkeys by nancy Van Laan
985.) Tickle Tum! by Nancy Van Laan
986.) Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle
987.) Tuesday by David Wiesner
988.) The Ghost on the Hearth by Susan Milord
989.) Imagine a Day by Sarah L. Thomson
990.) Sheep in Wolves Clothing by Satoshi Kitamura
991.) Ella Sets Sail by Carmela and Steven D'amico
992.) Turk and Runt by Lisa Wheeler
993.) Grandma Lena's Big Ol' Turnip by Denia Lewis Hester
994.) Whatever Wanda Wanted by Jude Wisdom
995.) Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson
996.) Quack and Count by Keith Baker
997.) What Do You Do When a Monster Says Boo? by Hope Vestergaard
998.) Someday When My Cat Can Talk by Caroline Lazo
999.) A Frog In The Bog by Karma Wilson
1000.) Mammoths on The Move by Lisa Wheeler
1001.) Margaret Chase Smith .... A Women For President by Lynn Plourde
1002.) Lady Liberty a biography by Doreen Rapaport
1003.) Manfish A Story of Jacques Cousteau by Jennifer Berne
1004.) Dragon Pizzeria by Mary Morgan

So I did mention that I was working on another blog to have the entire list. Check it out over here.


Piseco said...

Hooray, hooray! How wonderful to reach that goal!

Kate in NJ said...

Yippee!! Way to go!!
We loved Mammoths on the Move..and the Ella books..and well so many of these....I can't organize myself enough to even comment clearly..let alone do a blog post today. ;-)