Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Book List.........

Some very cute books for you guys this week.

Stuck in the Mud by Jane Clarke --- This story was a very cute story about a mom and her mischevious little chld. She wakes up and finds to her little one ran off again. Eventually she finds him stuck in the mud. That is where the adventure truly begins.

The Tale of Wagmore Gently by Linda Ashman--- Wow watch out when This dog happy. His Tail becomes very dangerous and gets him in lots of trouble. He decides to try and control it. That is until he relizes it can be useful. See how he figures it out.
Farm Flu by Teresa Bateman --- Such a cute story about a boy that lives on a farm. He finds that the cow has the flu, so he decides to take care of them like his mom would. Then one by one the whole farm gets the "flu". He eventually figures things out on how the whole farm gets sick at once. See how he reacts to this and deals with it.
Danny Diamondback by Barry E Jackson --- A very cute story about a someone trying to find a place to fit in. Share in all of the goodtimes and hardtimes to and see where he ends up.
My Travelin Eye by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw--- This was a very sweet book about a little girl who is a little different, but finds that is what is makes her so special. Even Gabe wanted to be like her at the end.

I hope that you enjoy the list and make sure to check back for next weeks list. Until then...Go Read!!!!

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Kate in NJ said...

Great list! I am going to look for some of these at our library next week.Guess I should go post my book post for this week...lol.