Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Back To School Time......

Well we choose to start back to school this week. It is going to be a lot of fun with Gabe being in kindergarten and Sam in the third grade. The year already started off with me having to rearange the schedule because of my little guy. I had a lot of active physical activities to do with him but he started of the new year being in a cast. Well I am always up for a challenge. This year we are starting off studying China for our around the world lessons. So on monday I had Chinese Art schedule. I found on about using model magic to make a buddha. It sounded like fun, but Gabe would have a hard time with his cast on. So I had Sam make a buddha and Gabe just make anything. I just wanted him work his hand.
The boys decided to get in the spirit of Buddha's though. Here are a couple pictures of them taking turns being a sculpture and the Buddha. They are so cute playing together.

Here are their sculptures. The top one, with that beautiful smiling face, is Gabe's Snail. The beauty on the bottom is Sam's smiling buddha. Those are my cutie pies creations.

We moved on to learning skills. Sam worked with our new dressing boards and Gabe did the tong transfer.

We also did some sensory work with Gabe by letting him play in his ball pool. Well Sam loves to be there to and was doing science by watching a video on the ocean. So he climbed in with him, and how cute are they.
We also started working on Gabe learning to read. I pulled out some of the books that we started Sam out on. Gabe read the first book in the series to me and got so excited that he has declared that he is now ready to read Harry Potter like his big brother. LOL. He settled for being able to read the book to all of us.
Gabe finished up his day with science. Since His dad is working on an ocean theme with them right now, he was playing with his ocean animals. Of course he had to play with them in his ocean. Also on Monday we played the planet earth geography game with Sam. Then the boys also did some Math. Sam played beach ball math. I threw a beach ball to him, that had numbers written on it, that he had to catch. Then the two places his hands landed was the math equation. He loved it. Gabe watched Math circus and played his own version of the flying quidgets. So that was monday, on to tuesday.

Now we started out with math class for the boys. They had a special guest for class this morning, Daddy. He was feelingunder the weather a little bit so he thought he would take it slow. So my three guys were building different structures. They had lots of fun with this.
Then for Geography Sam worked on his land forms. Gabe worked on a map puzzle with his Dad.

This afternoon We worked on sewing for our life skill class. Gabe and I worked on a very simple teddy bear that he could easily make on his own, if their was no cast on his arm that is. Then since we are studying China, Sam made the chinese flag.

So those are the adventures that we have had over just the last two days. So much more to come up this year. I hope that you will join us for all the fun adventures that we have.


Kate in NJ said...

Wow! You got a lot done and with
Gabe in a cast! I can't wait to see what else you get up to this year. ;-)

Kari Wright said...

You do AWESOME stuff with your kids! Kuddos to you as teacher/mom..great work and looks like great learning!