Thursday, August 07, 2008

Matisse and Pirates....

Our Wednesday...
Today the boys started learning about Henry Matisse.. I read a story to Gabe about him. Sam used a different book, more of a biography about him. Then choose a style that Matisse worked in. Using that style Sam Created his own work, called the Swan. Also we started studying chinese holidays. I got a great book from the library about chinese holidays. We started off learning about the Chinese New year and some of the traditions that go along with. Today was about the Kitchen god. Then we worked on English. Sam had a couple of work sheets to do on Nouns. Gabe was working on the phonics tiles. He seemed to rather play though. He even tried to be a pirate. Like his patch! LOL! I also put on a documentry about China, called Wild China. I taped them off the Travel Channel. Check out their site for more things on China. Well over all it was a really easy and nice day. Lots more fun to go. Thanks for checking in on us.


Kate in NJ said...

Love the Matisse-esque artwork!
Your little Pirate is adorable too!

To G From P
"what is a pirates favorite letter?"
ready..."R" (argh!)LOL

That is one of her favorite jokes.

reprehriestless warillever said...

Kate stole my joke!

Have I mentioned recently how cute your boys are?