Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just an Update.....

Wow things really do go a little crazy don't they. I have no idea on haw things got out of control, but they did. So it is catch up time. Hope you enjoy.
This first image was the other day. As I was working at the desk I heard a knock on the window next to me. As I turned this is the image that I saw. How Cute is he. He was trying to scare me. Lol.
This one I love because of what was happening. It was a self learning moment. I was going to work on Geometry with Gabe but had not made a lesson yet. When I finished saying that to DH I turned around and Gabe was playing with these Geometry puzzles. Way to take control of your lessons.
This is Sam's Finished salt dough map of China. I think it came out really well. The yellow is the deserts. The Gray is the mountains. The blue is the major rivers. Finally green is the forest region.
The other day the boys did some painting with cars. They had lots of fun and made big messes. When they were done with the cars, they gave them a "bath" to clean them up.

For a way to teach Gabe how a clock is set up. I decided to play clock solitare with him. So he could get the basic set up. He had tons of fun with it.
For Gym class they were to play Twister, but Gabe still had his cast on. (He got that off on thursday, Yeah!!!!) Well since he had the cast on though. He could not really play that, so they turned it into there own game, a dance game. Hey it works, they were acitive and that is what gym class is all about right.
Hope you enjoyed the update. More fun to come. Have a great weekend.

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Kate in NJ said...

Great week!!
Glad Gabella got his cast gym can really begin. ;-)