Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When looking through the unplug your kids projects I found this project that was absolutly perfect for us. We plan on working money with Gabe this year so I had to make this project. We started by making the bank for him. To make it all we did was take a box and cover it with laminate and the Bank O' Gabe is made.
For the coins we took plastic covers and covered them in foam. On one side I wrote the number amount of the coin. The other side I wrote the word of each coin. This way he can learn the words and value's.
The bank has been a huge hit so far. Hopefully it will be a really fun math lesson for him this year.


Anonymous said...

Great idea and lots of fun.

Kate in NJ said...
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Kate in NJ said...

Sorry, the first time I tried to only posted half of my words,
so it was all very garbled.
I love this idea..and will be stealing it. P is still confused by money sometimes. Maybe, because we don't have any. lol

So Smrt said...

How very cool that you made the bank! :) It was surreal to see your pics that looked so much like our project...I'm smiling! Oh, and just to make you laugh, I have to make a new one because when we were on vacation, the cat tinkled on ours.