Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I thought that I would share some of the new fun things that we will be using to learn with this year. As most everyone knows I have to active boys that I need to teach. They are at different levels of learning so it makes it hard to keep things interesting. They both hate sitting and doing worksheets. Even though worksheets are the only way to go sometimes I am trying to go more toward games this year. So I thought that I would share a few with you guys now.
These two pictures are of some of the games that I have made over the past couple of days. I got the idea for the both of them from this book. The first one is a Target Game. I made it all from supplies that I found in my home. So I think that is probably the best of the game, it was free. I took some balls from the kids room and covered them with strips of velcro. Then I made the board from an old box and covered it in felt. The boys work on their eye hand cordination and math skills with this game.
This is also a math game that I got from the same book as the first game. It is called button math. The way that this game works is first shake the dice. The number that you get is the amount of buttons you take from the bowl. Once you get five buttons you trade it in for a popsicle stick (has five buttons on it). You keep doing this until you get five popsicle sticks with buttons. Once you have reached five popsicle sticks you trade it in for a rack with 25 buttons on it. You need to set a limit that you want to reach of buttons before the game starts. We choose 50, so that means if you get 2 racks first you win. really fun.
This is another item that I felt really important for Gabe. He seems to still have a hard time working his hands around to lace up items. I loved this set because it asked them what they baby animal is called then they had to match it up and lace them on. Very cute.
This game was given to Sam by my mother for his birthday. It is a wonderful game that we will be using alot to work on science. If you saw and enjoyed the Planet Earth Series on the Discovery channel. You will love this Game. It basically quizzes you over everything you saw in the series.
This game, Sunken Suffixes, is a really easy yet really fun game to use for english. Sam actually choose this game himself for his birthday. I mean what kid does not want to race and see who can get to the sunken pirate ship and get all of the gold first. He learned alot about suffixes on this.
Another Game that we will use for math is the Iguana Factor. It is a game that same can essentially use all by himself because it is self checking for him. Although we all have fun as a family playing it.
So these are some of the Games that we will be using this year. I will be making more and getting others that I will be happy to share with you when I have them. I would love to know of the types of games that you will use this year. I will try to post some of the books that we will use this year to, hopefully on a post tommorrow.


momof3feistykids said...

I LOVE your games! My 4-1/2-year-old would love some of these. Thanks for sharing.

Kate in NJ said...

Very cool!!
They have another one heading there way very soon...;-)

Lesley said...

A game my first grade students love is "Race to a dollar". We roll the dice and take a penny for each dot (4 pennies for a 4 on the die). When you get 10, trade for a dime, and when you get 10 dimes, you trade for a dollar and win. I play with real money at school (which they can't keep, or I'd be broke!) and they love it! You can play with one die or two dice; it would be a good next step after your kids master the button game!