Monday, June 02, 2008

Picture Time-----
I thought that I would share with you a few pictures of what we have been doing, well what our life has been like any ways.

I recently moved our desk out into the livingroom. It now sits right behind our smaller couch. These 2 pictures are of the views that I have been getting. Silly boy.

The boys each helped daddy build some new things. Gabe "helped" him build a new bureu for our room. Sam built the Earth. He recieved this 3-d globe puzzle for his birthday. It was really neat and he loved it.

Gabe is turning into such a big boy. He loves getting his own snacks now.
Also time spent finding new ways to ride skateboards.
Sam has been missing doing school work and challenging himself with it. So the other day he decided to play chess against, you ready for this, himself. Yup he is definetly crazy. Gotta love him though.
We have been spending alot of time at the pool lately. It has been tough for the boys in the water because they have both been so scared of the water. This summer seems to be different though. We feel they will finally learn to swim. Sam has been facing his fear which is great. It has also helped Gabe because he wants to be just like Sam. So they are both working on swimming.
Look at his form. He has always been so scared to go in water where he could not touch. Here he is holding on to the noodle and the only part of daddy that he is touching is his hand, so he is keeping himself up. Yeah!!! Oh yeah Dh is walking and he is 6'3", so that tells you how deep he is.
My Little Monster. He always loves to ham it up for the Camera. I guess he tired himself out though. He decided to nap on the outside of the pool.
We bought goggles that for the us because the boys love going under but want to be able to see. I got this photo of Gabe because the kid would live in the goggles if we let him. LOL he is so silly. Pretty cute to.
Gabe likes to dress up in his jogging suit because he thinks he is very handsome in it. Which he is of course. I personally just love that face he is so cute.
Well any one that knows Sam knows how much he loves Geography. We bought the game risk for him this weekend. He absolutly loves it. He can not wait to rule the world now. So funny.
This video goes with the photos at the top. He is such a wonderful distraction for trying to get my work done. Hope you enjoy.

I will try to get back tomorrow with a new book post. See ya then. bye.

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Kate in NJ said...

They are actually getting cuter!