Friday, June 20, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest things.....
Ok Normally my kids say is entries are about Gabe because lets face it, he says lots of interesting things. This time though it is about my big guy. The other day we had this conversation with him that was to funny. I was talking to my dad on Fathers day and of course Sam got on the phone with him. They told him that they had a present to send to him. Well that is really sweet but like mst people they do not get to the post office as often as they want. Sam though gets very excited about this type of news and checks the mail everyday for it. I tryed to keep that from happening this time by telling him that it very kind that they thought of him but it may not get here that quick. This is were it turned funny. He looks at us and ask if it is ok to say the "F" word. My Dh and I just look at each other a little confused. We asked him what the "F" word was and he replies forgetful. So ok everyone the new "F" word is forgetful. Here I was thinking it was something else. Have a great day everyone.

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