Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spoon Puppets.....
Around here we have been busy making a bunch of new things for the upcoming school year. We have taken time to make some fun things for the boys to, not the school stuff is boring. They do need things for play though. So we made some spoon puppets for them. You will notice in each of the pictures that there is four of each type. That is because when the boys play things, they involve the whole family. We decided to accomidate them and just make four of each.

First group up was made by me. Can you guess what they are.....Pandas. Surprised, my kids were. They admitted that they only guessed that because he were black and white. Guess I should be pleased that they did not guess Zebras. LOL.
Next up, the real talent, my DH. Didn't he make the most adorable frogs. They are so cute. The funny thing is, he does not think that he is creative. Silly man.
And Our final group I did. I had fun with these, my beautiful butterflies. hahaha. The only thing that kept stressing me was that it seemed no matter where I put them they kept getting covered with stuff. Not usually a problem but the paint on the wings were still wet. Oh well everything is done and the boys are having fun playing with them.


Piseco said...

These are so cute! We've made a bunch of different kinds of puppets over the years but we haven't ever made spoon puppets. I'll have to add that to our list of cool things to do. :)

Kate in NJ said...