Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We have been so busy over the past weekend that I am only now getting a chance to post about it. Wow, to start off ...Friday. On friday we had to have the exterminator in to fog the place. Since he was fogging we were not allowed to be in here for three hours. Also all of the work to prepare for it. We had to empty out all of our cupboards and cover the dishes. Thankfully Dh took the morning off and helped. So we went to the local mall to spend the three hours. We took our little flat buddy Ashlyn along with us. She had a great time playing on the playground with the kids. Here she was planning with Gabe what they should play on.

The playground is made up of giant types of foods, so she was trying to hide on the Pancakes from us. silly girl we found her. LoL . Then she decided to climb on the Pineapple rings. I love this place, it is gym and health class all in one.

We also went to the bookstore while we were there. I found these great flip books. They were World Atlas and Human Anatomy. In the picture above Sam was teaching Gabe from it. They were working on Human Anatomy. That has to be one of my favorite homeschool moments. It was so sweet.
Well I did get everything put back on Friday in the kitchen so I had to do that on Saturday. Well since I had all of the dishes out of the cupboard I decided to laminate them to help keep some of the dirt away. They needed it so bad. It looks a ton better to. Well while I was busy doing that Gabe decided to keep himself busy and play in the bathroom sink. I normally have no problem with this but he decided to put his whole head under the water.
Well in one of their rare moments they had a chance to play with daddy. Daddy was pretending that he could not stay awake and they as docotors had to figure out why. The expression on dh's face is that Sam just got him a good one on the head with the hammer. hehehehe show him for sleeping on them.
Little Gabe loves doing the Abe roller, unfortunetly he is not big enough for it. I could not resist this picture. i end up going and pulling on it for him and he loves rolling up with it.
I did a really fun and easy science project with the boys the other night. It was called waterproof. First you have a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. Pour water on top for the kids to see that it is waterproof, of course explain why to them. Then you do the same thing with a handkerchif, show them that it is not water proof. The final step is to make the handkerchif waterproof. You let the kids color it in with a crayon. The wax fills in all of the wholes so no water gets in. It actually works to. very cool.
I hope to get the book list up in the next day or two. See you all then.


Mrs. Darling said...

Love the look on your husbands face!

Enjoyed this post and congrats on your weight loss and new way of life!

Kate in NJ said...

Neat water experiments.
Looks like a fun play area too.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

What a fun week. Love the pic of Gabe. LOL Love the pic of dad and the kids. :)