Friday, March 14, 2008

Things have been so crazy around here that unfortunetly I have not been getting to the blog. We have been having so much fun though that I have a bunch of pictures to show everyone. We had a day of kitchen science and the kids absolutly loved it. Look at the concentration on Sam's face. That is just so cute.
Gabe decided to rub some of the ingedients on his hand and it started fizzing up (I know that is kind of hard to tell but that is what the picture is.) He thought that was the coolest thing. Oh and you love the washer/dryer in my living room. To funny. Our closet that it is in needs to be fixed so we have it sitting there for now. I have tried to make it less of an eye sore by letting the kids put their magnets on it. The side is covered with paintings from Gabe. Very pretty. LOL
The Other day I was just not up for school and neither were the kids, So I cancelled it. We had a stay in your pajamas all day and play day. They loved it. We played games, watched shows, and read books. It was a really nice day, so peaceful, lots of laughing. I love this next picture because the kids tried teaming up against me on the game of Sequence for Kids. They wanted to beat me so bad it was funny. It was split on how many times we won with Gabe winning all. He traded teams each round. LOL
While I made lunch that day the played dominios setting up tracks to knock down. It is always so nice to see how they play together.
They even took some time to get some studying in together.
This is something that we did yesterday. I found a recipe for Kool-aid playdough here. I made some up for the boys and they had a blast with it. It kept them busy for a while so I was able to get some work done.
Gabe spent some time working on cutting. As you can see from the picture he still needs to work on it more, but we are getting there. He is at least making an attempt to hold the scissors correctly when we tell him. I try to make it fun for him by getting the project for him to cut from here then he has a toy to play with when he is done.

Sam has spent a lot of time researching about Australia. He also has wanted to learn about the Human body So he has been spending lots of time studying that to.
In his Geography lessons this week there was a lesson on how to make your own compass. He even showed his brother how to do it. It was a lot of fun.

Well This past week has been kind of emotional for Sam on animals. We were told by my grandmother that she had to put here dog Sparkie to sleep. Sam was very close to that dog so he took it very hard. Then this weekend we found this bird out side our apartment. We think that it had a broken leg because it was not moving away. Dh tried to catch it so that we could take it to a shelter to heal but when he went to grab it, the bird flew to the ground. Sam and his dad spent a while trying to catch it but unfortunetly in the end it got away. Sam of course is very worried about the poor bird. He is just so sweet sometimes.

Suddenly Gabe has gotten an obsession with my bed. Wether he plays in it or makes it he wants to be there. The top picture was when he insisted making my bed alone. I said ok and left to do something else. I heard someone help. When I went back in this is the scene I found. He said the blanket attacked him. Silly boy. Yesterday I started to clean out the Game closet and that is when he thought it would be the perfect time to play on the bed. After all what a better way to hide stuffed animals, right.
He did do some cleaning of his own this week. He gave his bath toys a bath of their own. He loves doing this.
Well that is it for now. I will try to be back this weekend to get caught up on the rest. I have to do my book list still. The boys made boomerangs today and I wanted to share pictures of that. Also I got tagged so I need to do that. So much to do so little time. Hope everyone has a great day.


Mrs. Darling said...

I love all the learning taking place! Thanks for sharing.

reprehriestless warillever said...

I have so much fun watching your boys learn I can't imagine how much fun they must be having doing it!

Maddie, Mad Rambler, Queen of the night zombies... said...

I am glad you used the kool-aid play-doh recipe... it's a great one isn't it. The boys look like they are having so much fun (and learning) on a "day off", its amazing how they play to learn.

Kate in NJ said...

I always want to get in my car and
attend your school...if only I was
within "driving distance" from you!