Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I tried to get this posted yesterday for the Unplug your kids project. I was just not being allowed to post photos though. It was very frustrating. Finally this morning I was allowed to post so here it goes. I even threw in some of our science pictures from yesterday to. The theme this week was shiny. Either something that makes your kids shine or something that is shiny. We choose the thing that is shiny.
First up is Gabe. He took one of his toy dinosaurs and wrapped it in tin foil to make a sculpture. Sam said that it ended up looking like a piece of steak. Gabe was happy with it since it was not his original choice, he wanted to wrap Sam in tin foil. Silly Boy. LOL
Sam has been having a really good time with these projects. Since it is themed he has been asking if he can teach it. So I always let him and it is really neat to see what he comes up with. He starts with helping his brother and making sure that his project gets done (so sweet). Then he works on his. This week he made an alien mask. It was great. Make sure to check out the other projects over here and join in for next weeks theme...wood.
Well the human body has been of huge discussion latley in our home so we started a unit on it. This is a picture of an experiment that we did yesterday. We got it from this book. It was so easy and so fun. The experiment is to show the kids how much air is in their lungs. First you take a 2 liter bottle and fill it overflowing with water and cover it. Then you take a big bowl and fill it half way with water. Turn the bottle over in the water. and uncover it while the top is under water. Stick in a straw. Have the child blow into it. It pushes out the water to show how much air is in their lungs. You can expand on it by having different sized people do it to show how the difference in the size of lungs.
It was so much fun that everyone got in on it. Even Daddy did it with them. (I did to but thankfully no pictures of it) Have a great day and I will try to post more pictures tommorow.


Kate in NJ said...

Great projects!
We love your science projects too.

reprehriestless warillever said...

The statue is a great idea, and I always love Sam's creativity.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally got your photos up. Great projects! I love that alien mask.

How great that Sam wants to teach the project! They say that there is nothing like teaching something to help you learn yourself.

Interesting science project too. We'll have to try that one sometime.

As always, thanks for joining in!

Maddie, Mad Rambler, Queen of the night zombies... said...

Tag your it, by the way I love your science creativity and interpretation of a theme, just letting them run wild with an idea teaches them so much.